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Planning for our future and that of our family is one of the major responsibilities we have. Since we know that planning alone can be an overwhelming exercise, we came up with a comprehensive and affordable financial solution that will help you achieve a disciplined approach to wealth creation while ensuring that your plan is complemented with a generous insurance protection that guarantees your family’s financial wellbeing no matter what happens.

Start planning for your Future! Just close your eyes and envision the goals you want to achieve; then tailor-make your Wealth Protect Plan by selecting the contribution period and currency you wish to invest in.

Now that you have customized Wealth Protect to your preferences, all you need to do is stick to your plan and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are investing for your future while covering your family with the guaranteed life insurance benefit this plan provides.

At Maturity of the plan, access your accumulated funds and make your dream a reality – whether it is starting your own business, buying your dream home or traveling the world, Wealth Protect will help you reach your goals!


Why choose Wealth Protect?

  • Investment Opportunity: Wealth Protect also gives you the chance to reach your desired savings by investing in one or a combination of the various investment strategies that MetLife offers. In fact, depending on your attitude to investment risk, you may select among the diverse funds available under our conservative, balanced and aggressive strategies.
  • Guaranteed Life Insurance Benefit: Wealth Protect provides you with a valuable life insurance benefit that guarantees your family’s stability if you are no longer there to provide for them. At Plan inception you will have two death benefits options to select from:

                - A Death Benefit of up to $10,000,000 or the Account Value whichever is higher.
                - A Death Benefit of up to $10,000,000 and (+) Account Value.
    (Life Insurance Benefits range from $250,000 to $10,000,000).
  • Increasing Life Insurance Benefit: In order to help you cope with your ever changing circumstances, Wealth Protect comes with the flexibility that helps you tailor-make the plan to your specific needs. In fact, subject to policy terms, you are entitled to Increase your life insurance coverage amount after the 2nd policy year or reduce your life insurance coverage amount after the 5th year.
  • Pension Benefit: At maturity, instead of receiving your account value in a lump sum, you may elect to receive a regular monthly income for your lifetime. The monthly income will be paid to you for as long as you live and in the regretful event of your loss of life during the guaranteed 20 years’ period, your dependents will continue to receive your monthly income for the remainder of that guaranteed period.

Optional Insurance Protection: 

You may further customize your plan and enhance it by selecting from the below valuable insurance protection benefits:

  • Waiver of Premium on Disability: In case of unfortunate disability, MetLife will continue paying for all the remaining premiums to guarantee that the plan remains in force and that your goals remain unaffected.
  • Level Term Benefit: Enhances your life insurance benefit with an additional lump sum payment of up to USD 2 Million paid to your beneficiaries along with the guaranteed life insurance benefit you have initially selected.
  • Income Benefit Rider: This benefit provides your beneficiaries with access to a monthly income that will help your dependents cope with the loss of your income in the event of your loss of life within the selected term and for the remaining period.
  • Spouse Term Insurance: A lump sum benefit is paid in the regretful event of spouse loss of life within the selected term.
  • Personal Accident Benefit: While serious injuries or loss of life resulting from an accident can cause severe financial and emotional problems, this benefit ensures that in the event of accident or illness you and your loved ones are financially protected.


Issue age of Payer – The minimum age to apply for the policy is 20 years and the maximum age to apply is 65 years.

There is a maximum maturity age of 95 years

US Dollar, Pound Sterling or Euro

Male and Female

Wealth Protect
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Saving for your future

Saving for your future

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